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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to use RoomBerl?

Yes, our directory service is completely free for students to search and find hostels to secure accomodation

How can I contact the Hostel for further details?

You can find the contact details of each hostel on their respective listing pages.

Can I see the pictures of the room before booking?

Whiles we provide pictures of every hostel and the type of rooms available in that hostel, we do not upload pictures of specefic rooms on the directory platform for security reasons. You can however, see the pictures of the hostel, and featured rooms before you book.

Are you a hostel/property manager or administrator?

  • Get a website for your property that allows your residents to
    book rooms and self-select their roommates.
  • List your property on RoomBerl.
  • Get free IT services for your property.
  • Get partnership advantages from RoomBerl.