More than ever, we believe that perfect student accommodation combined with the right roommates create a successful college experience.

What We Do

At RoomBerl, we’re driven to create solutions that make living comfortable.

Hostel Management Services

With advanced technology, we create hostel management platforms that allow residents of our partnered hostels to choose their own roommates based on their academic programs, lifestyle preferences, sleep habits, and many other factors.

Our Core Values

RoomBerl safeguards the confidentiality of all information that we collect. We follow the protocols for data storage and are never ready to share member-data with third parties.

RoomBerl is committed to constant review of services. We always seek to make the industry better.

On RoomBerl, users have a variety of tools to use when choosing their hostels and roommates. Our advanced filters and algorithms make it possible for users to do virtually everything they want.

On RoomBerl, users can send each other private and group messages even before they meet in person. Users are also able to check the profiles of other people and their matching proximities before making a decision

At RoomBerl, we understand that some members would not like the situation where they would be hated for refusing to be in a room with someone else. Members are therefore anonymous until and unless they decide to change that setting. 

will have

  • High Academic Performance.
  • Low Roommate Conflicts.
  • Reduced Stress Levels.
  • Strong Connections.
  • Shared Experiences.
  • High Roommate Compatibility

How It Works

Account Creation

Residents create accounts and complete their personality profiles on your free website created by RoomBerl.

Payment & Verification

Residents choose the available type of room they ant in your hostel and make payment for it directly to your administrative account for verification.

Rooms & Roommates

Residents check the personality profiles of other students, send them messages, and join rooms with the people they choose as roommates.

Administrative Review & Move-In

Hostel Manager/Administrator cross-checks the rooms and matches, after which students move-in and live happily afterwards.

Allow Your Residents to live comfortably.

  • Get a hostel booking platform that allows your residents to
    book rooms and self-select their roommates.
  • Get free IT services for your property
  • Get partnership advantages from RoomBerl.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Before I started using RoomBerl, managing my hostel was a constant headache. Their team takes care of everything, from finding good students, through tracking finances to handling maintenance requests. I highly recommend RoomBerl to any property manager looking for stress-free experience".
Adam Sendler
"Partnering with RoomBerl's tech solutions has been a game-changer for our hostel. Their smart software automates so many tasks, freeing up our team's time to focus on providing exceptional service to our students".
Mila Kunis
RoomBerl has greatly revolutionised my work. Their tenant screening process is top-notch, and their maintenance network is extensive and reliable. RoomBerl allows me to focus on growing my business with confidence, knowing my existing properties are in excellent hands."
Mike Stuart