About Us

Our Vision

Empowering students in their search for a successful and happy college experience.

Our Mission

To create user-friendly platforms with the best algorithms for searching hostels, booking rooms, and matching suitable roommates.

Our Initiatives

Our 6-D Process



At Roomberl, we work to discover the factors that affect securing accommodations and finding suitable roommates nationwide.



To understand the problems, we define them and develop strategies for their solutions.



We design possible solutions by analytical thinking and then narrow these potential solutions down to the best.



RoomBerl is committed to developing the best platforms of solutions with the highest level of technology available.



After developing the best solution possible, we deploy our team to test the platform on a large scale.



RoomBerl is readily available to deliver the platforms we build to the various hostels and residences across the nation.

Why Choose Us?

RoomBerl safeguards the confidentiality of all information that we collect. We follow the protocols for data storage and are never ready to share member-data with third parties.

RoomBerl is committed to constant review of services. We always seek to make the industry better.

On RoomBerl, users have a variety of tools to use when choosing their hostels and roommates. Our advanced filters and algorithms make it possible for users to do virtually everything they want.

On RoomBerl, users can send each other private and group messages even before they meet in person. Users are also able to check the profiles of other people and their matching proximities before making a decision

At RoomBerl, we understand that some members would not like the situation where they would be hated for refusing to be in a room with someone else. Members are therefore anonymous until and unless they decide to change that setting. 

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