More than ever, we believe that perfect student accommodation combined with the right roommates create an exciting university experience. 

What We Do

Apart from helping you find suitable hostels around your university, we also help you find the perfect roommates in your chosen hostel.

Finding Accommodation

On our Central Hostel Hub, you can find a variety of recognised hostels across Ghana to choose from, based on their amenities, location, and room prices.

Roommate Self-selection

Residents of RoomBerl-Partnered Hostels get the chance to choose their own roommates based on their academic majors, behavourial personalities, sleep habits, and other lifestyle preferences.

How RoomBerl Works


Click on FIND A HOSTEL in the section above to find a hostel based on your university's location, the hostel's exact location, amenities and room prices.


Fill out the account registration form on your hostel's website to be eligible for room booking.

If your hostel does not have a website, contact the hostel administrator on the contact info given for that hostel.


Choose the available type of room you want and make payment directly into your hostel's administrative account to secure your booking.


If your hostel is a RoomBerl-Partnered hostel, you will be verified within 24 hours to check the personality profiles of other residents, send them messages, and ask them to be roommates.

Are you a hostel/property manager or administrator?

  • Get a website for your property that allows your residents to
    book rooms and self-select their roommates.
  • List your property on RoomBerl.
  • Get free IT services for your property.
  • Get partnership advantages from RoomBerl.